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An answer to your dorsal hump deformity

Do you have an obvious convexity on the bridge of your nose which looks like a hump? If this is the case then you have what is called a dorsal hump. Having a dorsal hump is very common.

The dorsal hump is made of cartilage, bone or both, and it varies in shape and size from person to person. There is a familial component to the size of the dorsal hump, with all the members of some families having a dorsal hump. Fortunately, this deformity can be either reduced or removed.

When performing a dorsal hump reduction Dr Dan Robinson pays attention to the requests of the patient in relation to how much they would like the hump reduced. Most females opt for a dorsum which is flat whereas most males opt for a nose which still has a slight rise to it. When it comes to hump reduction the goal of the operation is to ensure the hump is reduced but doesn’t attract attention because it looks unnaturally flat.

Performing a dorsal hump reduction on females can have a dramatic effect on their profile, removing what may be an unsightly prominence on the nose.

When Dr Dan Robinson performs male rhinoplasty he pays special attention to the dorsal hump because most males want to have a nose which still preserves their masculinity which is otherwise referred to as “BBQ credibility”.

There are severe examples of dorsal hump reductions which Dr Dan Robinson has performed under the “Male Rhinoplasty” and “Female Rhinoplasty” sections of the site.