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What training in rhinoplasty has Dr Robinson had?

Dr Robinson is an ENT Surgeon and is recognised by the Australian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgeons as a Facial Plastic Surgeon. He is the only surgeon in Queensland with the qualification of Facial Plastic Surgeon. Dr Robinson has performed over 700 rhinoplasties including over 150 rib grafts. He is the most highly trained rhinoplasty surgeon in Queensland and does more rhinoplasty than any other surgeon in Queensland.

Dr Robinson completed his ENT training and then undertook an extra full year of training in Facial Plastic Surgery. During this year Dr Robinson was formally taught the finer details of rhinoplasty. This training was undertaken with Dr Tuan Pham who runs the only accredited Facial Plastic Surgery fellowship in Australia.

Dr Robinson has also successfully passed the International Facial Plastic Surgery Exam, which is only open to candidates who have completed a full year of fellowship training in Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr Robinson is the only surgeon in Queensland who has passed this exam.