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Broad Nose

Many people feel as though they have a broad nose. A broad nose is where the width of the nose does not suit the rest of the face. Having a broad nose can make you feel as though people are always looking at your nose instead of the rest of your face.

Causes of a broad nose

There are 2 main causes of a broad nose. Either your nose has slowly become broader over time or alternatively you can have a broad nose because you have broken it.

Treatment of a broad nose

Dr Dan Robinson feels that assessment of a broad nose is vitally important to ensure a good post operative result. The approach for the treatment of the broad nose depends on where it is occurring – upper half, lower half or both.

If you feel that your nose is broad in the upper half, then the cause for your broad nose is either splayed nasal bones or overly large upper lateral cartilages or a combination of both. If the cause is the splayed nasal bones then the treatment Dr Dan Robinson utilises is a wedge ostectomy and infracture of the nasal bones to reduce their width. If the cause is overly prominent upper lateral cartilages then Dr Dan Robinson will trim these cartilages and reinforce them with spreader grafts to ensure you don’t get an inverted V deformity.

Sometimes patients with a broad upper half will also have flatness of their nose from a front on point of view with very poor definition in this area. If this is the case then Dr Dan Robinson will also improve this definition with crushed cartilage grafting to improve your dorsal aesthetic line.

A broad lower half of the nose is caused by multiple factors and some of the commoner ones which Dr Dan Robinson has encountered in his first 700 rhinoplasty procedures include:

  • Overly prominent lower lateral cartilages
  • Boxy tip
  • Widely spaced inter-domal space
  • Excess alar flare [which is very common in patients with thick skin]
  • Lack of projection [The tip of the nose doesn’t come to a tip defining point]

Each of these conditions require a difference procedure which Dr Dan Robinson has extensive experience in. Many surgeons find treating the tip of the nose is a challenge which they try and avoid but Dr Dan Robinson always addresses a problem on the tip when performing rhinoplasty.

Dr Robinson has had advanced fellowship training in rhinoplasty. He understands that the treatment of a broad nose is different for everyone and tailors the operation to suit the individual. Dr Robinson has had significant experience in fixing broad noses. To see examples of some of the patients which has operated on click through the gallery on the website.

Dr Robinson performs research in rhinoplasty. In 2014 he presented all of his data on patients who had a cosmetic rhinoplasty. This research was presented at the Australian ENT society meeting and demonstrated that all of the patients had an improvement in the appearance of their nose post operatively.

To discuss fixing a broad nose, please make an appointment with Dr Robinson.