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Cleft Palate

Cleft palate rhinoplasty is one of Dr Dan Robinson’s favourite procedures to perform because it is so challenging and also so rewarding. The challenges in rhinoplasty are magnified in cleft palate rhinoplasty and Dr Dan Robinson has a meticulous approach to these procedures with the goal of improving the breathing through the nose as well as improving the appearance of the nose.

Unilateral Cleft Rhinoplasty

There are multiple factors which Dr Dan Robinson looks for when treating a unilateral cleft palate rhinoplasty including:

  • Caudal dislocation of the septum to one side with an immediate deviation of the septum to the contralateral side
  • Overly long medial crus on one side with a poorly developed lateral crus on the same side
  • Lack of vestibular skin
  • Lack of projection
  • Collapse of the alar
  • Nasal valve collapse

Bilateral Cleft Rhinoplasty

The factors causing the problem in bilateral cleft rhinoplasty vary from a unilateral cleft. In broad terms they are as follows:

  • Lack of projection
  • Widely spaced lower lateral cartilages causing a bifid / boxy tip
  • Dorsal hump or pseudo hump [The lack of projection makes the illusion of a hump]
  • Lack of septal cartilage support
  • Excess alar

Treatment of Cleft Rhinoplasty

Dr Dan Robinson approaches cleft rhinoplasty with an open time schedule and never rushes the operation. This ensures that patients get the best outcome. Dr Dan has also performed multiple revisions on cleft palate patients where they have had surgery with another surgeon. Common findings in these cases include:

  • Not addressing septal deviation
  • Ongoing nasal obstruction
  • Lack of lower lateral support
  • Lack of projection
  • Lack of addressing dorsal hump / pseudo hump

Regardless of whether the operation is a primary or revision Dr Dan utilises the following broad guide to facilitate improving the nasal airway and appearance in cleft patients:

  • Rib graft harvesting
  • External approach
  • Explanation of septum
  • Osteotomies if appropriate
  • Extended spreaders
  • Caudal extension graft for projection
  • Turbinoplasty
  • Lower lateral cartilage replacement
  • Articulated rim grafts
  • Addressing sill stenosis / tightness

If you have a cleft nose and are seeking a rhinoplasty surgeon who has performed over 700 rhinoplasties then make an appointment with Dr Dan. Dr Dan will tailor the operation to fit your needs for your cleft palate rhinoplasty. There is a separate section in the gallery of patients Dr Dan has performed a cleft rhinoplasty on.

To discuss fixing you cleft nose, please make an appointment with Dr Robinson.