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This blog is written by Dr Robinson and includes updates regarding techniques and the latest research in rhinoplasty.


New Website

We are proud to announce that Gold Coast Rhinoplasty has a new website. The site is designed to allow users to access from a variety of different devices – desktop, tablet and smartphone. There is a range of information and forms to assist our valued patients.

Upcoming functional rhinoplasty presentation

Dr Robinson is delighted to have been invited by the ENT society to present his approach and results in functional rhinoplasty. The presentation will be to his contemporaries in April 2015.

Dr Robinson demonstrates at facial plastic course

Dr Robinson has recently finished demonstrating at the annual facial plastic surgery course, which is held in Perth during Novembery 2014.

An answer to your dorsal hump deformity

Do you have an obvious convexity on the bridge of your nose which looks like a hump? If this is the case then you have what is called a dorsal hump. Having a dorsal hump is very common.

Methods of hump reduction

Previously I have talked about having a dorsal hump and how it can cause an unsightly appearance to your nose. When it comes to removing a dorsal hump there are several different methods which I use.

Open structured rhinoplasty

Dr Robinson always performs an open structured rhinoplasty. An open structured rhinoplasty involves:

Dorsal Hump

The hump on the nose - commonly referred to as a dorsal hump is made up of a combination of bone and cartilage. The upper part of the hump is made up of bone, the lower part of the hump is made up of cartilage.