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Forms of payment which are accepted include:

  • Visa.
  • Mastercard.
  • Direct Debit.
  • Cash (Initial consult payment only).

Initial consultation

  • Payment for the initial consultation is due after the consultation. You will receive a rebate from Medicare for this consultation provided you came with a referral from your GP.

Operative payment

  • Payment for the operation is due one week prior to the surgery. You will receive a rebate from Medicare after the operation has been performed. The rebate that you may receive from private health funds varies significantly with both the insurer and the type of procedure performed.  Dr Robinson’s staff are able to give you a quote for this including rebates on the day you have your initial consultation

Follow up visits

  • After Dr Robinson performs a rhinoplasty, he does not charge you for any related follow up visits. Dr Robinson strongly believes that undertaking a rhinoplasty involves regular postoperative visits until the nose is healed and the cost of these visits are included in the operative fee. You will not be charged for postoperative visits in relation to your rhinoplasty.