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Advanced Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr Dan Robinson has performed over 700 rhinoplasties and has a collection of revision which he refers to as advanced revisions. These revision cases are ones which would not be out of place on the TV series “Botched” and require a very large amount of operative time and multiple techniques to get the desired outcome. All of the cases have required more than 3 hours of operative time and one case took 6 hours. Dr Robinson never rushes these cases and takes the time required to get the correct result. Some of the causes of patients needing to have an advanced revision include:

  • Trauma to the nose after a rhinoplasty.
  • Rejection of foreign body after previous rhinoplasty
  • Significant post operative infection
  • 22 previous procedures on nose
  • Multiple operations in Thailand or overseas
  • Multiple previous operations

These cases need to be done by an experienced surgeon who takes an approach of meticulous pre operative planning, open ended intra operative time and diligent post operative care.

Patient emotions are understandably very high during these operations as patients will have had multiple adverse outcomes. If you do end up needing an advanced revision rhinoplasty with Dr Robinson he will guide you through the process and do everything he can to ensure you get the desired outcome.

The degree of scar contracture can be so great prior to the advanced revision that Dr Robinson may require you to stretch the skin of your nose to break down the fibrous adhesions under the skin. There are multiple techniques which Dr Dan Robinson may utilise to achieve the desired result and they are as follows:

  • Rib grafting
  • Endothoracic fascia grafting
  • Microfat stem cell grafting
  • Tissue expanders
  • Septal flaps
  • Vestibular skin flaps
  • Composite grafting
  • Articulated grafting
  • Sill dilation
  • Alar repositioning
  • Lip lengthening
  • Microdrill bone fragment refinement
  • Piezo electric refinement
  • Extended stenting
  • Dorsal augmentation
  • Contour irregularity camouflage grafting

Dr Robinson has had advanced fellowship training in rhinoplasty and is the only facial plastic surgeon in Queensland. He has performed a significant number of advanced revision rhinoplasties. He keeps up to date with the latest techniques by regularly attending the international rhinoplasty symposium as well as presenting and demonstrating rhinoplasty and facial plastic techniques at conferences. 

Post operative results

Dr Dan Robinson has performed multiple advanced revision rhinoplasties and to date all patients have had a significant improvement in their breathing as well as the cosmesis of their nose. Dr Robinson feels that these results are due to a meticulous unforgiving approach to these operations which begins in the initial consultation, is executed during the operation over as long as 6 hours and continues with meticulous post operative care.

To discuss Advanced Revision Rhinoplasty further, please make an appointment with Dr Dan Robinson.

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