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Crooked nose

A crooked nose can detract from your natural beauty. Patients with a crooked nose will often feel that people are always looking at their nose instead of the rest of their face.

Cause of a crooked nose

There are two main causes of a crooked nose, either your nose has slowly become crooked over time or you have broken your nose. The site of the crooked nose can vary from being either in the upper half of the nose or the lower half of the nose or both.

Treatment of a crooked nose

People with a crooked nose in the upper half of the nose can have their nose made straighter by having combination osteotomies (multiple nasal bone fractures) to outfracture the depressed side of the nasal bones and infracture the other side of the nose. These combination osteotomies are then supported with structural grafts to ensure that the newly fractured bones stay in the same position. If the deviation of the nose is severe then Dr Robinson will sometimes perform a wedge ostectomy procedure to facilitate straightening the nasal bones.

People with a crooked nose in the lower half of the nose can have their nose made straighter by having tip refinement with structural grafts. The structural grafts are important to ensure that the tip doesn’t move to the side it was bent to again.

People with a crooked nose in the upper and lower halves can have both combination osteotomies as well as tip refinement to allow for a straighter nose that better suits their face.

Dr Robinson has had advanced fellowship training in rhinoplasty. He understands that straightening people’s noses is an operation that needs to be tailored to the individual. Dr Dan has done over 700 rhinoplasties and has extensive experience in fixing crooked noses. To see examples of some of the patients which has operated on click through the gallery on the website.

Dr Robinson performs research in rhinoplasty. In 2014 he presented all of his data on patients who had a cosmetic rhinoplasty. This research was presented at the Australian ENT society meeting and demonstrated that all of them had an improvement in the appearance of their nose post operatively.

To discuss straightening of a crooked nose, please make an appointment with Dr Robinson.